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Students need insurance


If there was ever one time in your life to make sure you have some sort of insurance, it’s when you’re a student. Students, unsurprisingly, make mistakes. It could be something as simple as a broken phone screen bringing an abrupt end to your social life. It could be a flat tyre that leads to a whole weekend of plans scuppered. There are a lot of areas where students are best to have a safety net in place.

Here are a few that are worth looking in to if you’re a student or about to join some sort of higher education.

You really need your phone
Your smartphone is your lifeline when you’re a student. And its never been easier to make sure you can get a replacement/ fixed phone in no time at all without having to go deep in to your overdraft at the apple store. Sites like ProtectMyBubble and CompareTheMarket have great deals on phone insurance, and usually at cheaper rate than you’ll find in the phone shop. Do a little bit of research and you can soon get a great deal for your phone. A word of warning if you have a phone on a Pay As You Go tariff. Check to make sure your network allows you to purchase cheap insurance after 90 days as some don’t, which can be troublesome in some cases. For example, many people who buy an iPhone either don’t know or forget that free Applecare runs out after this period and without insurance, getting an iPhone repaired can cost a substantial amount.

You really need your laptop
Just because you’re renting a room for the first time, it doesn’t mean you need to take out full home insurance. To avoid the misfortune of a broken laptop or TV ruining your day, get some contents insurance, which covers specific items. Many companies do student based deals for certain things or if you are studying an IT related course such as an accredited European Computer Driving License. And if you’ve very savvy with your purse strings, check to see if you can get covered on your parent’s existing insurance without it costing anything else. Some providers allow students to be listed as their student accommodation is simply a temporary residence, and therefore the contents in there can be claimed as part of the family’s own.

You need to stay safe when away
There’s always a thrill when going away, be it for a holiday or chance to see friends living abroad on their exchange year. If you plan on doing any travelling at all when at university, make sure you get travel insurance. It’s so cheap and brings such piece of mind for you (and your parents) that you won’t end up with a medical bill in the thousands on the off chance something bad happens, or your wallet gets stolen, or your suitcase never shows up. It’s best to be safe no matter what.

You need to know how to fix a car

Well you don’t really, but it helps. And if you can’t, don’t be diswayed by the price of car insurance for younger drivers. With an average cost of over £1,000 a year for motor insurance, it can drain bank accounts quickly. There are ways to save money though. This guide from Money Saving Expert lays out a step by step plan of how to save £100s on insurance for younger drivers and is well worth a quick read if you’re considering it, especially with its advice on third party vendors.

We hope you found some of these tips useful, and remember, having any sort of insurance as a student is 1000 times better than having no insurance at all.


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