The Guide to Protecting Your Life Bubble – All You Need To Know About IP Address

The IP address is one of the common IP addresses mainly used in the home-based broadband router. Actually, it is the default value of the many varieties of Net gear and D-link model routers. The great thing is allowing you to change the IP address using the network router management console at any specific period oftime-basedd on your needs.

This is a private network internet protocol address in which the home use router can use this specific address to set up the default gateway. In this router, you can have access to the management console via the web browser at

Even though, if your hubs or some other computer of any manufacturer has got some difficulty to the local system, you can use this private IPv4 address as a way to resolve it as easy as possible. Therefore, that is an only ip used as being a piece of equipment in order to avoid the address conflicts. In occasionally, people can’t access any model of modem, during those times you’ve to recognize whether your computer’s entrance is

To acquire use of this specific network, you merely open CMD and then type ipconfig/all otherwise you can use this command ping –t. In the event, the entry address is however you can’t show the login window, maybe because of .1the network interface is not specified properly.

How will you access

As a way to get access the particular ip, you need to use the ping command, which can be widely used the disk OS command. This command is really applied to recognize perhaps the computer network is being connected as well as its system speed is quite fast or not. Although, you can also use the ping command in the wireless router setup process to get used to it.
All you should do is to start “Run” and type CMD then click OK. After that, you are able to enter the ping, if the results show the timeout; it means that the network is disconnected or losing deals. Just, you can recognize that your computer can not be connected to the router. Some of the reasons for not accessing the IP address get below.

  • The router’s IP address is not set to or else you have mistaken it with the address as
  • If your router has been shut down, you are unable to connect the network.
  • It also requires setting up the ICMP packet filtering in the router as like firewall settings.


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