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Volcanic ash insurance – don’t let your holidays plans go up in smoke!!!

Thanks to the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjallajökull, travel disruption due to volcanic ash is a very real possibility these days. With air planes representing a large portion of transport to foreign climes, a cloud of ash could ruin your dream holiday before you have even begun your journey.

Of course, nobody wants to run the risk of engine failure due to ash in the aircraft workings,which can cause air crafts to stall and give false readings, and in the worse case scenario, crash landings. However this does not make the predicament of grounded air planes any less frustrating to the passenger. Due to the closer proximity of the UK to Iceland than the rest of mainland Europe which is still closer than North America, our island is usually the first to feel the effects of any volcanic activity. Undoubtedly, it is well worth investing in a travel insurance policy that covers against the disruption that could potentially be caused by volcanic ash. Here are some things to check if you are wishing to be well protected against this misfortune.

Check the exact wording of your travel insurance policy to see if it includes cover against volcanic ash. Since the activity of Eyjafjallajökull, most insurance companies have covered this as a separate clause since they were left with hefty insurance payouts following the last unexpected eruption. You don’t want your policy to not pay should the cancellation of your holiday arise.

Make sure that delay, abandonment and the costs incurred whilst stranded abroad due to volcanic ash are included in your insurance policy. Again, it is a case of closely reading the small print. Be aware that if your airline carrier offers to cover the costs of your accommodation is stranded, that your travel insurer will not do so additionally.

If your flight is only delayed, ensure that your policy entitles you to allowance for meals and other refreshments. With airport restaurants, cafes , bars and fast food outlets so expensive, it is a good idea.

If your flight is delayed by more than half a day, if you have a comprehensive travel insurance cover, your insurer should offer you compensation.

Don’t forget that there are different rules for flying within the EU. Under European law, if your departure point and destination are within the EU and on an EU-based airline, the airline company is obliged to offer you a choice between cancelling your booking and receiving a refund, or rebooking yourself onto a different flight. All refunds should transferred to your bank account within seven days, and switching to a different flight should be undertaken as soon as possible.

For package holidays, it is more important than ever to ensure that they are ATOL protected. The remuneration will then be the responsibility of your tour operator, who should cover all costs including disruption, cancellation and abandonment in a foreign country.

As can be seen, to prevent unexpected costs due to the volatile nature of volcanoes, it is well worth ensuring that your travel insurance covers against this eventuality. It can really give you peace of mind, and take the stress off of ruined or disrupted holiday plans. Don’t let a volcano leave you out of pocket!



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