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Travel is obviously a luxury, but what a luxury! With experiences that create unforgettable memories being cited as what makes people happiest long term, travel is one area in which you should be prepared to invest your time and hard earned money. Before you get carried away in the excitement in making the plans for your holidays, don’t forget to factor in the cost of your travel insurance policy too. You don’t want to be left footing an unexpected bill which could so easily have been prevented. Read on for tips on getting the best travel insurance policy for you.

If you are travelling within the EU, do apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card. It is free to any member of the EU, and entitles the holder to medical treatment in any state run hospital within the EU as well in the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It means that you will pay the same costs as a native inhabitant of the country; it is free for them, it will be free for you too. If you already have an EHIC card, make sure it is up to date.

Unless you travel extremely rarely, it is usually cheaper to buy annual travel insurance. It is also great to know that you do not have to rearrange insurance for every subsequent foreign trip that you may make within a 12 month period.

You can cut the costs of your insurance policy by working out who exactly needs cover. There are policies that can cover for singles, couples and families (sometimes including extended family). However do be aware that the premiums are based on the age of the oldest traveller, so if a traveller is over 65, it could be easier and cheaper to get a separate policy to cover them.

Don’t waste your money on over insuring yourself. If you are unlikely to travel out with Europe in the next 12 months for example, don’t purchase a worldwide policy cover

If you are planning to partake in high risk activities such as winter sports, do make sure that your policy covers them. Tailor your insurance if need be. The premium will be larger, but nothing compared to the costs of specialist health care if you had to pay for it out of your own pocket. Make sure that your activity is covered, and for example if you may possibly ski off piste, make sure that the policy covers any mishap that could occur there. Not all ski sports cover, covers accident away from regulated pistes.

Your insurance could be a bit more expensive for winter sports holidays due to the increased chance of injury but by looking about for deals and offers when booking your holiday you can make the savings to offset that. It is also worth looking at the cost of equipent hire as well as how much you will be spending when you are there on food, drink etc. The location is crucial to the overall holiday cost but there are excellent resorts that offer superb facilities at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a great resort for your ski holidays Tignes in France could be the answer.

Remember that an all inclusive deal is likely to cover most aspects except travel insurance so be sure to read the details on any deal. Most sites dealing with active holidays such as will let you know what is all included but you can always get in touch with them to clear up anything you are unsure about. It is your holiday and most companies are more than happy to help with enquiries.

And as always, read the small print! Make sure that you have all the cover that you need included in your policy. If something untoward should happen, it is best to have the insurance policy in place for your own peace of mind. So enjoy your holidays with the secure knowledge that you are well protected.


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