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The Lowdown on Cat and Dog Insurance

A recent survey concluded that we are truly a nation of cat and dog lovers, with 26% and 31% of UK households owning cats and dogs respectively.  Moreover, according to the Pet Health Council, they are the easiest animals to insure with various dedicated comparison websites available.  Increasing medical bills are the main reason to buy pet insurance.  According to a recent report, the average pet insurance claim is now £420 for pedigree cats and £469 for pedigree dogs, but claims can run into thousands of pounds if your pet develops an on-going condition.

Before taking out pet insurance, you must consider various factors.  For example, is your breed of dog likely to cost a lot in medical care?  Is it worth considering third party liability?  You must be aware that there is always the risk of your pet harming another person or animal.  If you do decide to insure your pet then it is always better to start early when your cat or dog is young and in good health.  You may find chelsea wins ucl 2017 it a struggle to obtain insurance if you wait until your pet is older or has developed a health problem.  Furthermore, many insurance providers won’t insure a cat or dog over the age of eight or nine years old.  It is also essential that you get the right cover at the start.  For example, if your current policy stops paying out after one year, then you may struggle to find another insurance provider for conditions previously claimed for.

It’s also worth remembering that if you have more than one cat or dog, then you will likely be able to combine your pets in one policy.  Comparison sites such as for example allow you to get quotes for up to five pets.


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