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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Insurance.


Pets are naturally regarded as a well beloved family member, and their health and well being are seen as just as important as their human counterparts. This has led to increasing numbers of insurance companies offering comprehensive pet insurance cover and these days it is a multi million pound industry. With major technological advances being made within the field of medical science, veterinary healthcare can often also apply these procedures. However these advanced treatments do come with a price tag, hence the reason more and more people are choosing to insure their pets against misfortune and unexpected veterinary bills.

When insuring your pet, there are certain things that you should be aware of before choosing your policy. Read on for some do’s and don’ts in the world of pet insurance.


DO insure your pet even if it is in tiptop condition. Unforeseen illnesses, accidents and other events can rack up massive vets bills, so it is definitely better to be prepared. Be prepared against all eventualities before they occur, as insurers will not cover already existing conditions and long-term problems in a new policy.

DON’T assume that the pet insurance policy will cover routine veterinary treatments such as check ups and inoculations, as well as routine dental care, because it won’t. You will need to economise yourself for these and ensure that you are able to cover the costs adequately.

DO shop around for your pet insurance policy. Tempting as it may seem, do not settle on the first policy that you find. Pet insurance is a highly competitive market these days, and you can easily go on price comparison websites or directly to the insurer to get different quotes for the type of policy that you require.

DON’T leave out important details concerning the health of your pet. Although they might seem like insignificant details at the time, answering the pet insurance form fully and in detail is vital. If you are less than honest in the information about the pet concerned, the entire policy could be rendered invalid by your white lies. This ultimately means no insurance cover when you need it most, and on an even grimmer note, you could possibly be investigated and prosecuted for fraud.

DO read the small print. Reading the clauses that your insurance policy is subject to, prevents you from rendering it invalid. If you fail to keep your pet’s booster shots, vaccinations and routine check ups up to date, can mean that you have no cover if and when more serious health problems arise.

DON’T believe that the only expenses needing covered by the pet insurance are the costs of extra veterinary treatment. Additions to your policy concerning third party injury to person and/or property and loss of your pet can really become invaluable if these events occur. Being fully insured against these mishaps can really make the difference in a time of need.

DO make sure that your chosen policy includes your type of pet. Working dogs, and certain types of dog breeds such as those that are classed as potentially dangerous and pedigree breeds, are sometimes excluded from an insurers standard pet policy cover. In these cases it is often better to obtain estimates from specialist insurance companies, or to have a policy tailored exactly to your needs.

DON’T fail to let your insurer know if you change address. The cost of your policy can be affected by location, just as the location can affect your pet’s daily life, so make sure the company is kept up to date with this information, otherwise you could find yourself paying too much, or indeed with invalid cover when you need to claim.

So when it comes to insuring your pet, regard it as the same as you would when insuring any other valuable item. The love that you receive in return is well worth it, and the peace of mind in knowing that your pet is well protected against unforeseen eventualities in priceless.


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