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With 600000 horses in the UK, they are obviously a popular pet. However considering their lengthy lifespan, healthcare for them can be an expensive business. Equine veterinary procedures can run up bills of thousands of pounds, and if you are unprepared, the financial burden can be great. Therefore, equine insurance really is a smart move. Most horse insurance polices cover not only unexpected healthcare, but also public liability and the theft of important equine equipment. In regards to public liability, this concerns the damage or theft of the horse and/or equipment by an outside third party. Here are some guidelines when shopping around for horse insurance.

Insure your pet when it is young and healthy. This gives you the best chance of paying the smallest premium possible. It also means that when your horse is older, you should have pre established relationship with your insurance company. Often, insurance companies will not insure older animals for new customers, or if they do, the premiums are large, so don’t wait until your horse has problems associated with the ageing process.

Like all pet insurance polices, don’t wait for your pet to become ill to insure them. By then it will be too late. Insurance companies will not cover pre existing conditions in their policies, so don’t expect it to be a magic solution to the treatment bills.

Be honest about the health of your horse. If you are anything less than truthful, it could cause repercussions, such as preventing a policy payout.

Be aware that the policy premium price can be dependent on the breed of horse. Different breeds can be more or less inclined to certain health conditions, so do investigate this.

Just like insuring your house, the stable where your horse is kept needs to be the most secure that it possible can be. Increasing its security can lower the cost of your premium. However, do not exaggerate, as if there comes a time when you do require a pay out, any differences could invalidate your policy.

The same security goes for any equine equipment. Keeping it as secure as the horse means that if it is stolen, the maximum payout can be expected.

If you are the owner of more than one horse, it could be cheaper to shop around for a multi horse insurance policy, especially if they are stabled in the same place. Price comparison sites can be useful for this.

To ensure the health long term of these long lived creatures, and your peace of mind against the unexpected, do not hesitate to get an equine insurance policy. It really can cut the costs and indeed worry of being a horse owner.


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