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Spring Cleaning & Money Saving


The longer days and warmer evenings are getting nearer. The worst thing you can do is start your own little money pit at home and quite literally burn cash with heating bills that you could easily save A LOT on. Save your time and money in your bubbly by following some of these tips we’ve looked all across the web for.

Spring is in the air and with it comes a slew of activities, with two big ones coming to the fore; what to do for holiday and what to do to spruce up the house for the next few months. Many homes up and down the country may soon look a little like the photo above and that’s why we thought it would be a great idea to get your home bubble in check now that the annual spring clean is under way with these inspired ideas.

Paint & Foam

We seen this tip a few years ago over at Lifehacker but its one that many people have no clue they could and should be doing. If you’re visiting a DIY store to get some new paint or wallpaper to do up a room, grab yourself some spray foam. If you have a room you know is notorious for having a draft under the skirting, and you’ll be painting over or around it, take it out during the job and find the source of the offending annoyance. A small spray of foam will give it a nice seal and stop you from going mad in autumn when you’ve had the heating on all day and still can’t get the room warm. The same tips goes for the corners of windows in the house, only make sure to do this outside so you don’t end up with a odd looking window sill.

Take A Stat-us Update

The average home in the UK has 7 radiators. If every single one is set to the same temperature then you’re not heating your home correctly. A quick test to see if you’re wasting energy at home is two turn your heating on as normal and then check each home after 2 hours. If you stand in the middle in the room (i.e. not right beside the radiator) and start feeling the heat, then you know that you have the heating up too high. In most cases you’ll probably find the heating at home needs to be like this:

Room Valve set to
Kitchen 5
Living Room 3
Hallway 4
Bathroom 2
Bedrooms 2

We recommend setting the kitchen high as it is the most common room for heat wastage. Just think of how often people come in and out and go out the back door.

Turn the Thermostat down

It’s a tip that shouldn’t really bear repeating, but a lot of people in the UK don’t actually know how to work their thermostats. A quick trick to see if someone at home knows how yours work is to ask them this very simple question:

How do you get the room to heat up quicker?

If they answer “Oh turn the thermostat up” then they’re a big liar. Thermostats only regulate the temperature of a space. Cranking it up a few degrees won’t be any good as you’re just telling the system that you want the house to be extremely hot. Instead you want that radiator valve we just mentioned opened fully instead. About this time of year though, you’ll probably want to knock the thermostat down a few notches as the home will naturally reach an ideal temperature with ease. We found this tip, and a whole host of other simple ideas, on Trade Radiators, who’ve left us share this nice looking infographic on our site:

We hope you found these three (and a few more) tips helpful and don’t waste money on energy at this time of year when it can be best used for your holiday bubble fund.

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