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As we fast approach Christmas we have discussed a great deal about ways to stay thrifty and to keep you home warm during the festive season. This is all well and good if you live in North America or Europe however we soon realised this really is not the case for out Australian, New Zealand and South African readers.

When temperatures are so hot that you find yourselves flocking to the beach and sparking up a BBQ on Christmas day, tips on how to keep warm seem somewhat useless. This is why we have brought together a number of hints and tips that you can use to keep your home cool this Christmas if you live down under.

  1. Keep you windows open in the evening. This may seem prettyobvious but you would be surprised just how many people keep their Air Conditioning systems on even in the evening when things cool down. You should open you windows to cool you home at night and help save on your energy bill, it’s also worth investing in some mosquito nets to cover windows and doorways if you’re not particularly keen on letting in the midnight critters.
  2. Put jug of water in the fridge, this will help reduce the amount you will spend on bottled water and will let you cool off when the heat gets too much. Using a thermal flask will allow you to take cool water with you on the go and will keep it cool.
  3. You will most likely find that the top floor of you house often becomes intolerably hot, this is of course because hat rises.

    Open your loft hatch to allow some of this trapped heat to escape upwards and so help cool the place down.

  4. Go out and buy a couple of desk fans. We spend the majority of our time between the living room and the bedroom, so these should be the 2 main rooms to concentrate on keeping cool. Desk fans are far cheaper to run than the air conditioning and are surprisingly effective.
  5. If all else fails then there’s always the air conditioning system. Try to only use it at ‘peak’ times where the temperature will be at its highest i.e. between 11am and 2pm, and you really need it. Also make sure that you have a relatively efficient cooling unit otherwise you electricity bill will be through the roof. There are many suppliers providing industrial refrigeration equipment for sale in abundance and from a number of great suppliers as well as incredibly efficient air conditioning units so it should be too hard to replace yours if necessary.


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