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Hospitals Helping Patients Save On Insurance

icu patients

In recent years, select NHS hospitals have taken a new approach in the treatment of patients, pushing care quality to the forefront of treatment plans.  This term might sound somewhat worrisome with is phrasing, but care quality doesn’t mean always providing a patient with the highest level of care possible. It simply is the belief that hospitals should do their best to treatment patients with the correct level of care, thereby improving the quality of that care. This new approach is helping highlight other health services around the globe, especially in America, how such a unique approach could be tailored to help lower of the cost of health insurance.

icu patients

The basis of such an idea revolves around making care appropriate to patients.  This idea formed the moniker for software named MCAP which aims to do just that.  Working with existing data, software like this is able to help doctors and nurses better treat their patients. Oak Group MCAP Software  is the highest rated provider of such software in the UK, having been ranked 1st by the NHS. They are striving to improve care quality for every single person who visits an NHS hospital through some very advanced and exciting technology.

Giving a patient the highest care level might seem like a great idea, but in many circumstances, patients don’t need it. If every patient is receiving care well above where they really need it, it becomes a waste of resources and a waste of time for hospital staff.

Using clinical software that takes a data driven approach can help doctors and nurses to understand what is best for both themselves and patients.

Using data enables clarity for diagnosing a patient by letting someone know how care can be handled. If a patient visiting an Accident & Emergency ward needed a scan, software that can calculate the average waiting time for that patient, based on historical data, can help a nurse to understand how much of a resource said patient will have to be. That then allows a nurse to appropriately care for the patient and not waste time.

Software like this in hospitals also has the added benefit of increasing bed turnover. Hospitals have a hard time freeing up and have spare beds for patients, especially for hospitals in highly populous areas. Again, if there staff can use software which shows them that admitting a patient to a bed for a certain reason causes more problems than it solves, they can again use an appropriate care level to keep beds free without running the risk of denying care to patients who really need it.

This change in how hospital staff can view, review and update patient records also helps immensely to improve care co-ordination. Staff strive to work as one big unit and anything which can help allow them to access key data faster and provide one another with updates on patients without having to wait, can help them to do their job quicker. It’s incredible to think that just with a few taps of a tablet screen, a nurse could help a doctor save a few minutes with every patient every day, which adds up to a lot of patients over a lot of time.

With technological improvements to the health service like MCAP software becoming a common sight in hospitals, it will only be a matter of time before care quality is a leading factor in how doctors can treat their patients and help with their insurance costs.


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