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Mobile Phone Insurance Guide

Getting your new shiny phone always brings two thoughts to the fore; how shiny and nice and perfect it looks, followed by the dread of realising this new piece of kit needs some form of cover before you end up breaking it. One thing you’ll quickly realise is how easy it is to get your phone insured. With so many options on the market you could get overwhelmed.  

Don’t panic yourself in to agreeing to the first policy you see. Make sure to shop about first. Networks will be the first port of call for you on getting a policy, but after spending so much on your new mobile you mightn’t have enough to afford what they’re offering. Usually they’re the most expensive policies on the market but they do have the advantage of being the quickest to reclaim on. And even if you do break your phone, you also have a higher chance of using your policy as collateral in haggling your provider in to upgrading your mobile.

The majority of customers will purchase insurance with the shop in which they get their handsets. This is due to how convenient it is getting everything sorted out in one transaction. Again though they can be a bit expensive and are used by staff as a way of reaching store targets instead of dealing with specific customer needs.

One overlooked area for getting covered is with your bank. Most major accounts actually offer very competitive rates when you show interest in taking a policy out with them. This can be part of a package with other types of insurance so it’s always important to see if their policy is worth your money. The biggest difference doing it with your bank though is that if you happen to have a joint account with your significant other then you both can avail of having one policy cover both handsets at no extra cost.

The most important point here though is to always shop about first before getting your handset. If you can prove that getting a policy one place is cheaper somewhere else when buying your phone you can always try and haggle your provider down in price to get the best offer for yourself.

It’s important to take care of the day to day wear and tear of your handset to ensure you don’t need to make unnecessary claims against your policy. A protective hard case is a good idea to protect against bumps and dropping the phone, while a protective spray like Primo Seal will prevent any potential water damage. Taking a few precautions against damage can end up saving you money in the long term on your insurance policy.


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