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Home Insurance for Rented Accommodation

Typically if you are living in rented accommodation, it is the responsibility of your landlord to insure the building, so as a tenant you are only required to pay for contents insurance.  First of all you must work out under which category you fall.  If you live alone, with your partner or with family members, then you do not require a specialist policy.  A standard contents insurance policy can be easily obtained from various price comparison websites in a relatively short amount of time.  However, if you live in a house share it may be more difficult to get cover from mainstream lenders.  Many insurers would class this type of cohabitation as risky as you are not living with family members; the likelihood of your possessions being damaged or stolen is significantly increased.

Before getting a quotation, there are steps which can be taken in order to secure the lowest possible quote and reduce your “risk factor”.  Make sure your room is as secure as possible.  By having a secure “self-contained” room as well as a secure main entrance, insurers will be more likely to provide you with cover.  If you do not have these basic security features in your accommodation, then insurers are unlikely to provide you with cover due to the high risk of theft.  Moreover, you must keep all your contents in your locked room.  Possessions which are damaged or stolen in the common areas of your accommodation such as the living room or kitchen are unlikely to be insured against theft.  Only in the event of forced entry will these items be insured.

It may be worthwhile contacting a specialist such as BIBA or Home Protect who will be able to tailor a quote based on your living arrangements.  Alternatively, the following comparison websites claim to offer online quotations for people living in shared accommodation.  As with all insurance policies, it pays to do your research.

  • Compare the Market
  • Go Compare
  • Money Supermarket


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