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Home is where the heart is, and should anything untoward happen to your home it is indeed heartbreaking. Home insurance is a vital additional expense that is well worth the cost of the premium. However, when taking out an insurance policy, it is worth bearing in mind certain factors to insure that you not only get value for money, but also exactly the cover that you require.

Firstly, although it does seem an obvious statement, make sure that your chosen insurance company is reputable and applicable to your own. For example, if you live in a thatched cottage, there are specialist insurers that will be more able to easily tailor a policy to your needs.

Tempting as it may be, do not settle for the cheapest insurance quote that you receive. You should only settle for fully comprehensive cover that includes all contents as well as garages, garden, stables and any exterior property within the grounds. Although the premium will be larger, it is well worth the expense.

When estimating your property and contents, do not under estimate their true worth. You do not want to have the nasty realisation that the cost of replacing your treasured items is a lot more that you had anticipated and allowed for. On the same note be entirely honest about your property. Complete transparency means that you will have nothing to worry about should the occasion arise that you have to make a claim.

Ensure that your insurance agents are kept current with any home improvements that you have made. These can alter the value of your property and by keeping the agents up to date with any changes, you will continue to be covered fully.

Logging the contents of your home with photos and notes means that you have guaranteed proof of the state of them and their value. This evidence is a fail safe for ensuring that you get the insurance payout that you are entitled to and expect.

If you live in an are susceptible to flooding for example, be prepared to pay a higher premium to protect your home and possessions. Insurers will automatically know if you live in a high risk area, and will allow for this in your policy accordingly.

Make sure that your home is as secure as it can be. Suggestions by your insurance company agent can help to lower the cost of your premium. Likewise, if you claim that such and such is kept under lock and key, make sure that it is! Otherwise, your home insurer could refuse to pay up.

Following these guidelines can make the difference between a sigh of relief and a gasp of horror, so don’t fail to end#sure that you insure your home correctly!


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