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High Value Contents Insurance


When evaluating how much your contents are worth, it is essential that you do not under evaluate their worth.  Although it may be more cost effective to under insure your possessions, under evaluating could result in your insurance provider not paying out when you need them to. 

For example, if you insure £25,000 of possessions when you actually have £50,000 worth, then at best only half of your contents will be insured or worse still, your insurance providers may refuse to pay out due to your misleading valuations.  This in turn could result in a surge in policy premiums in the long term.  When evaluating the worth of your contents be sure to declare any individual item worth £1,500 or more, such as a wedding ring or expensive watch.  Furthermore, items of an exceedingly high value such as art work and antiques must be valued by a specialist.  If you are unsure of the value of your contents or if you have several mid to high value possessions then it may be worth considering expert advice. Hiscox, Home & Legacy and John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance offer comprehensive high value contents insurance which may be worth taking a look at.

Once you have identified the level of cover required you must decide on which type to opt for.  If you go for new for old cover then you should expect to receive a pay-out matching the original price paid for that item, though if clothing is involved then a wear and tear deduction is typically involved.  A less expensive option is indemnity cover where the broker pays out the estimated current market value of the item.  Consequently, you may receive significantly less money than expected due to market fluctuations at the time.  Add-on cover is also worth considering and extra benefits include cover for items stolen out with the home for example.

The most efficient way to find the best high value contents cover for you is by searching through comparison websites.  Of all the ones we have analysed, the top three are Gocompare, Compare the Market and Beware that many of these comparison sites share your personal data with insurers and also remember to check sites that are not on comparison sites such as Direct Line. If you are buying a new property from an estate agent, then also check with them any risks of the area such as flooding to know what you will need extra cover for.

It is important when you are getting your insurance quote to make sure the value of your items is correct. It might seem like you will be charged more for newer items as their cost could be higher but insurance companies will take into consideration that they are new. For example if you have a 30 year old boiler it is much more likely to cause a problem that might require a payout than a new one. The same can be said for radiators so letting your insurance company know about new heating installations and warranties can help. To find out more about Column radiator deals, how to improve heating and energy bills in your home or how to fix minor issues head over to


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