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Handy High Street Haggling Tips

  1. If you are new to the whole haggling thing, then a good way to start is by asking for a freebie when purchasing something.  Whether it’s free polish with a new pair of shoes or free cables with a TV set, if you require an added extra why not try and get it for free!  After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!
  2. Buy in bulk for discounts.  This may mean buying more than what you actually need, but if it’s something which you regularly buy, then you could end up saving yourself a small fortune.
  3. When searching for goods (especially if you’re buying for yourself), look out for small imperfections such as dents or scratches.  These imperfections make products more difficult to sell; therefore you are more likely to get a discount.
  4. If you are looking to buy garden furniture or even a new lawnmower, then why not buy it in November or December?  During these months of the year stores struggle to sell outdoor wares due to seasonality, therefore a bargain can be had when negotiating.
  5. When haggling in store, ensure that you are speaking to someone with authority such as a manager or supervisor.  They will be more likely to offer a discount than shop assistants and have the authority to do so.
  6. Timing is everything when searching for a bargain.  If you try to haggle when the shops are full of customers then you are unlikely to be successful.  Mid-week mornings are the optimum time to land a deal as shops are quieter and staff will be more willing to negotiate.
  7. Landing that all important deal can be daunting but hold your nerve!  As negotiations draw to a close, sales people will use the classic technique of staying silent in the hope that you will fill the uneasy silence and secure the deal.  Don’t fall for the trap!  Let them come back at you with a better deal.
  8. It’s worthwhile going for obsolete products or end of line items when out shopping.  You’re highly likely to get a significant discount.  After all, you’re doing the store a favour by taking the old stock off their hands to make way for new products.  Remind staff of that all important fact when haggling!
  9. Consumers rule with their feet.  So remember, if your conditions are not being met in order for you to comfortably make a deal then don’t do it.  Don’t be afraid to walk away.  You can always try somewhere else.
  10. As you grow in confidence in terms of your haggling skills, remember not to get too confident. Sales staff are far more likely to give you a good deal if you are polite and charming and most of all, if they empathise with you.

Of course, if you find the right shops you won’t always have to haggle. Finding shops that have fair prices to start with is the best way to save money. Small independent shops might not be as cheap as larger chains or supermarkets but the personal experience far out ways the paltry savings you might make.

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