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Boiler Breakdown Cover – All you need to know


As we begin to move further and further into the depths of winter, so our reliance on our heating systems becomes ever greater. Unfortunately, boilers are not cheap to run and an uninsured breakdown could cost you thousands of pounds if you’re really unlucky. It is for that reason that if you have not already done so, you should look to ensure you have some form of boiler breakdown insurance. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate your way through the confusing world of boiler insurance.

Boilercare is quite simply a form of breakdown insurance for your boiler so that if something does happen then you are not left without adequate heating and hot water for a prolonged period.

Boilercare is a very simple and standalone product specifically designed to cover you in the event that your boiler breaks down. Despite what many people may think it is not necessarily included in your home energy insurance policy. Home energy insurance generally covers your home for structural damages from flooding, fire, pest infestation and severe weather. It can also include breakages of your central heating system but it often depends what policy you have, so make sure and check.

It may seem logical just to buy home energy insurance if boilercare is already included in it however be aware that you can only claim HEI in real emergencies as it does not cover routine repairs in non-urgent situations.

Boiler care on the other hand usually covers repairs to the boiler with parts and labour included in the price. There are however usually restrictions that apply to the cover such as the number of hours that can be spent on each repair, a cap on the cost of each repair and the number of claims you can make in a single year.

It is, therefore essential that you make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any boiler care policy before you commit yourself to it. Exclusions may include a waiting period at the start of your policy in which you are unable to make a claim, older boilers may be ineligible for cover and the use of non-branded parts may also void your cover. For example, if you owned a Vaillant boiler which breaks due to a fault expansion vessel, you insurance may be void if it is established that you were not using the manufacturer recommended 181051 expansion vessel.

Finding out which boiler cover policy is the right one for you is easy; you can compare these for free at most good price comparison sites such as Money Supermarket and Money Saving Expert.

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