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Tackling Men’s Health


Men’s health can be a tricky subject. While men’s mental health issues are being brought to the forefront, and rightly so, it is easy to forget that some men also have physical issues that they are not comfortable dealing with either.

It has been well documented that men are much more likely to keep problems to themselves and though there are a number of campaigns raising awareness it is still an issue that results in terrible statistics.

When it comes to more ‘intimate’ issues there is an even bigger problem. Visiting a GP can make the difference between a minor problem that is easy to cure and a life threatening illness if you decide to wait until it gets to bad to ignore.

One issue that people might be suffering from but can be cured is Peyronie’s disease with the symptoms being a painful erection, a lump or a bend in the penis.

There are a number of treatments for this depending on the severity of the condition going from vitamin supplements to surgery. You can find out all about Peyronie’s disease, the symptoms and treatments available at LUA (London Urology Associates) by visiting

LUA are a London based group that specialise in urological care. By bringing the leading specialists in various fields together and making use of cutting edge technologies they are making great contributions to finding cures for various ailments. Here is what LUA are committed to providing;

Working in line with protocols based on proven best practice
Inter-referring to other appropriate specialists
Offering one-stop diagnostic clinics for common urological disorders
Our consultant cover 365 days of the year
Supporting patients who wish to receive experimental treatments where
These form part of approved clinical trials
Publishing results for public scrutiny
Providing patient information materials of the highest quality

Any issue or concern you may be having should result in a trip to your GP or if you have private care then you should look into that. You will also have to find out from your medical insurance providers whether the treatments you are prescribed will be covered by your policy.




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