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A Healthy Insurance Policy


Health insurance, living in the UK we don’t know how lucky we are to have the NHS but that doesn’t mean that you can just live free and easy, dropping by the hospital to get patched up whenever you feel like it.

In fact, having a good health insurance policy and the option of going private should anything untoward occur is a great thing to have.

But why bother? If we already get basic health care free on the NHS why bother paying extra for private care? Well, some people like the option. The level of care when you are paying for it privately (or your insurance is covering it) can be better when going private; you can have a lot more comfort in your own room for example.

This is not to say that the level of care you get on the NHS is poor, far from it, but when you look at budgets and the time nurses and doctors can realistically afford to give their patients it is a different level. Again, this is not putting the NHS down, the hard work done by staff in hospitals around the UK is fantastic, but there are options available to you.

Health insurance costs will vary and existing medical conditions won’t be covered, neither will; chronic illnesses, pregnancy and childbirth, transplants, cosmetic surgery or injuries sustained in certain extreme sports or war.

It is worth noting that while cosmetic surgery won’t be covered there are some treatments that can be of benefit to both your health and insurance premiums in the long term.

Anyone that enjoys a bit of sunshine will know about the dangers of moles but there are quick and easy ways of dealing with them. One clinic that offers mole removal treatments near Trowbridge is Snowberry Lane.

Using state of the art technology the expert team at Snowberry Lane carry out a number of treatments that can benefit its patients.

Some reasons that you might want to take out health insurance are that you can get specialist referrals, scans, specialist drugs or treatments and Physiotherapy while you can choose your surgeon and hospital and reduce waiting times.

Sometimes however, the NHS can provide better options. For example serious illnesses can get priority treatment such as Cancer, Strokes or Heart Disease.

As for the costs, they can be quite high so insuring you live a healthier lifestyle is a good way to get your premiums down as well as reducing the risk of illness. As we mentioned, cosmetic surgery is not covered but there are a number of excellent options available to people that have been considering going down this route.

There are a number of non-surgical weight loss treatments available in the UK  that are a great option for people looking to get in better shape. If you do choose to go under the knife it can often be expensive and won’t be covered by a health insurance policy. These kinds of non-surgical weight loss options and the aftercare you receive are a great way to combat obesity and improve on your personal health.

If you are considering opting for a health insurance policy it is important that you find out exactly what you will and won’t be covered for and to look about to see how the prices can vary.



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