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Taking Out Insurance for Your Most Valuable Tech

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Finding the perfect insurance plan for your most valuable tech and gadgetry might not always be easy, but it is certainly always worth it. There’s simply nothing worse than the unthinkable happening and your smartphone, computer monitor, or games console kicking the bucket.

By taking out an insurance policy on your tech valuables, you can rest easy knowing that even if something does go wrong, you are covered financially. The money you get by claiming from your insurance will allow you to get a fancy new television or tablet again in no time at all.

Insurance for Your Computer Monitor

You may be wondering – why would someone begin an article on gadget insurance and jump straight into computer monitors? Well, ironically enough, these are electrical appliances that actually tend to break, or stop functioning, the most. With that in mind, insurance is often a must.

Imagine it, you found a great, and pricey, monitor on Gung-ho! Gaming or Amazon and something terrible happens – like the monitor falling off a desk and cracking the screen. It’d usually cost you the value of a buying the same monitor again, perhaps even for hundreds of pounds! But with insurance, you can make a claim and get a new monitor in no time with minimal loss.

Services like ProtectYourBubble can set you up with a plan that makes sure you don’t find yourself in an unfortunate situation like this.

Insurance for Your Smartphone

Everyone has a smartphone these days, the small computers we’ve gotten used to living in our pockets. These useful devices have become central to our day-to-day living that many could not imagine living without them. You should have a plan in place to get a new phone as soon as possible if you rely on yours a lot for your work and personal life e.g. smartphone insurance.

Luckily enough, smartphone insurance brokers are a dime a dozen, with many of the large corporate carriers offering their very own insurance plans. You may want to look out for these when you sign up to a contract or when you buy a smartphone in-store. By finding a plan that is right for you, you’ll be in a much better position should you lose or break your smartphone in the future.

Insurance for Your Games Consoles

Ever since the first Playstation from Sony, games consoles have steadily been increasing in price with every new generation. Powerful hardware and video games requiring more memory to run means that, naturally, prices are going to increase. Complex technology may be capable of more, but that also means it is more susceptible to malfunction and breaking.

Protect your favourite form of entertainment by making sure you are insured against your console failing you. Paying just a little every month or so is often much more value-for-money and peace of mind than having to shell out a lot of cash to replace your machine – once it is out of warranty that is.

Check out sites like Gadget-Cover who specialise in insurance for games consoles for an idea of what kind of deals to expect when choosing a console insurance policy.

Find a Deal to Suit You

Whether you’re trying to find a good deal on insurance for your computer monitor or your smartphone, the most important thing is to find a policy that works for you. Good luck on finding the perfect tech insurance deal.


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