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A Healthy Insurance Policy


Health insurance, living in the UK we don’t know how lucky we are to have the NHS but that doesn’t mean that you can just live free and easy, dropping by the hospital to get patched up whenever you feel like it.

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Hospitals Helping Patients Save On Insurance

icu patients

In recent years, select NHS hospitals have taken a new approach in the treatment of patients, pushing care quality to the forefront of treatment plans.  This term might sound somewhat worrisome with is phrasing, but care quality doesn’t mean always providing a patient with the highest level of care possible. It simply is the belief that hospitals should do their best to treatment patients with the correct level of care, thereby improving the quality of that care. This new approach is helping highlight other health services around the globe, especially in America, how such a unique approach could be tailored to help lower of the cost of health insurance.

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Public or Private Cancer Treatment?

cancer cell

It seems as though there’s a news story every day about the shifting changes here in the UK towards an increase in people opting for private treatments for any and all medical issues. One area which has seen large growth is cancer treatment. In today’s Bubble Book blogpost, we’re going to look at some points that ask why someone would choose public or private treatment.

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