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Understanding Payroll


Understanding the basics of payroll

For any startup directors, your employees are crucial in getting your company to take off. They are the guys that ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. You’ve got a duty to your employees too though, as an employer you need to understand your responsibilities and legal requirements to ensure that they are being paid. Whether that is weekly or monthly.

This is referred to as payroll, there are really specific rules and requirements you need to follow when it comes to payroll.

For those new to all this, here’s a couple of basic points to help you understand payroll
— Payroll is the money paid by a company to employees.
— It’s a legal requirement to pay out whatever salary you agree however you will without some for tax and national insurance payments. This is called PAYE.
— It is crucial you report and pay the right agencies at the right time and you have to record all details.
— Every time you pay an employee Real time legislation means you are required to submit PAYE to HMRC.
— It is possible to complete payslips and calculate PAYE manually however returns must be sent automatically and that’s why an online system can come in handy.
— As part of payroll, you are required to deal with national insurance, student loans, sick pay, maternity leave and other things so it might be wise to see additional help however it is not impossible to do all this in-house with the assistance of special software. It’s a lengthy process, something young startups might not have time for.
— The whole process can be difficult and time-consuming which is why most small businesses outsource it. By outsourcing, all legal requirements are taking care of and the process is smooth and stress-free. Consider checking out Tax Kings
for help with payroll.

You should make sure your employees are always paid on time and the proper amount unless you want legal problems and low staff morale.

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Taking Out Insurance for Your Most Valuable Tech

broken phone

Finding the perfect insurance plan for your most valuable tech and gadgetry might not always be easy, but it is certainly always worth it. There’s simply nothing worse than the unthinkable happening and your smartphone, computer monitor, or games console kicking the bucket.

By taking out an insurance policy on your tech valuables, you can rest easy knowing that even if something does go wrong, you are covered financially. The money you get by claiming from your insurance will allow you to get a fancy new television or tablet again in no time at all.

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Ways To Improve Your Business Data Management

Here at The Bubble Book, we make it our job to help individuals and companies across the UK cut costs which will hopefully help them in return save money and time. Our knowledgeable writers in this article will be giving 3 major tips to achieving accuracy and stability within data management or as it’s sometimes referred as, “electronic content management”.

Create a location to store all business data

As you might have guessed, processing and managing data for a successful, large commercial company can be somewhat of a headache to even think about. This is where IT solutions can offer a hand in the process, as the average features are programmed to assist in large scale electronic content management.
An example of one of these online tools could be the Laserfiche Rio and Avante, both for different reasons. Laserfiche Rio is effectively a system which will process the storage of multiple different pieces of data new and even old; as the system integrates with previously used IT systems. This tool is perfect for managing a storing content whilst giving individual department within your business flexibility to optimise their filling structures, views, and workflows.

How Rio’s system works.

Rios counterpart, Avente can also be of great use to a wide scale of businesses. Whereas Avente has most of the basic features that Rio holds, it also can assist with decision-making. This BPM (business process management) extension is extremely useful, as the data provides knowledge, which will then assist you make crucial decisions and allow your business to evolve.

How Avante works.

Make sure your records are up to date

Bad data is worse than no data!

Bad data (wrongly calculated data) is the evil twin of the data management industry. It’s incredibly important to make sure that all your data is constantly monitored and up to date, as wrong data can lead to wrong decisions and be catastrophic for your business in the long run – costing both time and money.

This makes it crucial that you double check that all data entered either electronically or on paper is completely accurate and analysed/updated regularly. Monitoring your data frequently will block any possible polluting of the companies data.

If the job is too difficult, get a company to do it right

Data management experts save you time and money in the long run.

Analysing, monitoring, scheduling, indexing and implementing data isn’t an easy task. It requires concentration and accuracy at all times, and if you haven’t got these qualities you should probably save time by hiring a team of experts to take control of the work for you. Having someone else who have genuine experience in data management will not only free your time up to continue with the daily tasks of your business or organisation, it’ll also help you form an ROI by helping you identify flaws in your business and eliminate them.

There are many companies in the UK and Ireland who conduct data management services for national clients. The one business that we would recommend is Paper Dock, who offer personalised services for businesses across all industries and sectors.

What do you think?

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Do you agree with our top 3 methods which will improve data management? Perhaps you have some other tips which you feel are more useful for our readers? Let us know your thoughts by responding in the comments section below.

Before you leave us for another article on our blog. Out of curiosity, what do you think is the right answer? We will let you know in the next article, so stay tuned!

What is Personal Data?

Data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data
Data which you complete yourself
Data specifically for business
Data for one person only, which is completed by data management experts


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What is mortgage protection insurance?

Sometimes insurance based terms alone can through you off with the industry based terminology, especially if you are young and insurance is particularly new to you. We are aiming to let people know in simple terms exactly that mortgage protection insurance is and what you need to know about it.


For those of you who don’t yet know what mortgage protection insurance or any of the other names it goes under, e.g. mortgage payment protection and mortgage insurance, it’s basically insurance that will cover the costs of your monthly mortgage if anything is stopping you from earning money.


The most common ways in which people will receive funding from their mortgage protection insurance is if they have become unemployed or due to illness. To further explain examples of how the insurance company will pay out, the most likely reasons will be along the lines of you being made redundant from your place of work or that you are suffering an illness or injury which is stopping you from being able to perform or even get to and from work.


How much do mortgage protection companies pay out?

When you sign up for the insurance, there’s flexibility which is determined for the package you select with the insurance company, the package that you select will usually reflect your income and financial situation. An example of this is, if you pay for a premium package monthly, you might not only have your mortgage payment insured, but also the bills that you can’t afford if you become unemployed. If you purchase and pay monthly a basic package, it’s likely that you will only have the mortgage covered.


What varies the cost of a premium package?

There is regular elements of your application which can control the amount that you pay for the insurance, and, if you ever need it, the pay-out amount. To make the factors a little easier to understand, we’ve created a list for clear understanding.


– The cost of your mortgage
– The extras you have on your package
– Your job role/salary
– Your age
– If you are single or have a family
– Health
– Debt


How much does the insurance cost?

Image result for money

Depending on the mortgage protection plan which you sign up for, be aware that the costs of monthly payments can differ high and below the average cost of insurance. Although, in the UK 30-year-olds are said to have their lowest monthly quote at £11.54%, and highest at £33.64 – which creates an average cost of £22.27 for the quote. Although this fee goes higher the older you become. For 50-year-olds the lowest you’ll get quoted is £17.51, which is almost £7 higher than 30-year-olds. The highest quote is £37.09, which creates an average of £25.56 – which interestingly is only roughly £3 more than the average of the 30-year-old.


Find out more about mortgage protection insurance

Hopefully we have covered the most important factors of mortgage insurance for anyone who was feeling a little bit confused with the concept. If you are requiring more extensive information on it though, it’s best that you go straight to the source of experts, and mortgage protection insurance are just that.

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